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Divorce of Torah and Madda (Washington Heights, NY)
November 21, 2005
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Sign the guestbook Posted by Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik (11/21/2006) - Torah, Madda, what's this I hear about a divorce? I think both of you are being a bit hasty here. Get in touch with me - you know my number.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein (11/21/2005) - The ontological and psychological repercussions of this decision cannot be understated. I mourn, not merely for the loss of this incomparably marvelous union, but for the inestimable loss that all of klal yisrael has suffered today.
Sign the guestbook Posted by Jared Goldsmith (11/22/2005) - I always thought you two were meant to be together. Well, you had some good times, eh?
Sign the guestbook Posted by Shloimie Shwartzstein
(11/22/2005) - This is min hoshomoyim! Didn't I always tell you that Madda was good for nothing? You can do better, Torah! Mazel ubrocho!
Sign the guestbook Posted by Parnassa (11/22/2005) - Torah, you know I never got over you. Maybe now we can get back together?
Sign the guestbook Posted by Avodah (11/23/2005) - Listen here, Parnassa! Torah's MY bashert! We're a match made at Sinai, him and me. If anyone's getting back together with Torah, it's going to be me! You and I both know very well that the only reason Torah got together with you in the first place was because my shadchan was busy hiding from the Romans in a cave. Don't think you can count on that Rabbi Yishmael friend of yours taking care of everything this time around!

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