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Graduation of Soi Zou Han, (formerly known as Dovid Abromowitz) (a galaxy far far away)
A long long time ago
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Jedi Training

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Sign the guestbookPosted By Xai Per Ton
(10/18/#)- Dovid Abromowitz has vaquished (murdered, beheaded, detroyed) the dreaded Hen Job Yud, aka. Darth Killyouall (They have such cooler names then we do) without succumbing to the dark side, so I hereby grant him full status as an official Jedi Knight, as well as award him a new Chinese Dynasty sounding name, Soi Zou Han.
Sign the guestbookPosted By Moishe Steinbaum
(10/18/#)- Hey Dovid, or I guess its Soi now, Congrats on your graduation. I cant tell whether you're an actual Jedi or a very weird hermit, or some other guy in a robe with a deadly weapon. Either way, I'm happy for you. Stay safe, and try not to kill anyone. I hear that's important.

Oh and could you "confront" my boss? I need a raise. Just do that hand wavey thingy. I tried doing it myself, but it didn't work too well.
"You will give me a raise . . . you will stop being stingy . . ."

Good Luck,
Sign the guestbookPosted By Rachel Shapiro
(10/18/#)- Mazel tov! I don't know you but I think it's great that you want to be in the Jedi Knight department. Good luck on saving the galaxy, and fighting sith, and that other strange stuff you weird people do. May Hashem bless you and guard you anywhere your career might take you. Yevarechecha Hashem V'Yishmerecha.
May the force be with you, whatever that means,
Rachel S
Sign the guestbookPosted By Rivka Abromowitz
(10/18/#)- Great, its not great. its awful. My little Dovidel wouldn't have wanted to be a Jedi Knight. He would have wanted to learn in kollel all day and night. But did I get a chance to raise him? NO! Because his blood had too many mitochondria or something. So they (sob) abducted Dovid, and took him far away where he could've been killed. Instead of learning torah... Dovid had to learn to build weapons. (wail) Instead of doing mitzvos, Dovid had to fight dangerous crazy people. (wail) And I couldn't do a thing about it. Jedi Council ... More like some kind of cruel African gorrilla group. And they call this galaxy a republic :-(.
Sign the guestbookPosted By Ahmed Jnikhad
(10/20/#)- How can you say that! Why, to give your young child over to military training is the best thing you can do for him and the universe!
I personally have sent all 7 of my sons and daughters off at a young age to fight evil. They are all enjoying themselves, (at least the living ones)
Sign the guestbookPosted by Darth Tortura
(10/22/#)- Oh great. Another Jedi. Another guy to track down. Another arm to amputate. What a hassle. Sometime I wonder if being a Sith Lord is all its cracked up to be. Oh well, I do love the torture and killing part. And of course, our names are way cooler than theirs. Soi Zou Han, come on! Where does Yoda get this garbage?
Oh, and send my condolences to Darth Killyouall's family will you. He was a great collegue. I think I'll choke a coupla hostages in his memory.

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